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Known as the Legend flugelhorn, this red brass model is a beauty, both in its styling and in its amazing playability. Along with the standard CarolBrass feature of two leadpipes (small and large shank), the Legend model flugelhorn also has a beautiful double shepherd's crook design and decorative bracing. The Legend model plays like a dream, and is my personal choice for my gigs. Included are black wooden hard shell case, CarolBrass 3CFL mouthpiece, cleaning cloth/rod, Tromba synthetic valve oil, tuning slide grease, and both large and small shank leadpipes.




Key:                   Bb


Finishing:        Lacquer


Bore: S 0.433"


Bell: Red brass & wire rim soldered


Bell size: S 5.984"


Bell thickness: S (standard)


Leadpipe: Red brass


*Inner red brass/outer nickel silver slide


*3rd tuning slide patented trigger system


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