The CarolBrass CPC-7775F-YLS-L is a Schilke style four valve piccolo trumpet that features a very easy blow, great slotting and very even intonation across all registers. Included are four different leadpipes (Bb and A for trumpet mouthpiece, Bb and A for cornet mouthpiece), black wooden hard shell case, CarolBrass 11AX trumpet mouthpiece, CarolBrass 11AX cornet mouthpiece, cleaning cloth/rod, Tromba synthetic valve oil, tuning slide grease, and super lightweight valve spring set.


Model: CPC-7775F-YLS-L


Key:                          Bb-A


Finishing:              Lacquer 


Bore:                       ML 0.453"


Bell:                          Yellow brass


Bell size:                 S 4.055"


Bell thickness:     S (standard)


Leadpipe:              Yellow brass


*Inner yellow brass/ outer yellow brass slide


*3rd tuning slide fixed ring with patented design stopper


*4th valve fixed finger hook