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The CTB-3019-YSS-YYNY-Y1 is an intermediate closed wrap .547 bore trombone with


F attachment in lacquer finish that features a standard weight 8.504” yellow brass bell


and yellow brass leadpipe. Included are an ABS plastic case, CarolBrass 61/2AL


mouthpiece, cleaning cloth and hand slide grease.


Model: CTB-3019-YSS-YYNY-Y1


Key: Bb-F


Finishing: Lacquer


Bore: L 0.547"


Bell: Yellow brass


Bell size: S 8.504"


Bell thickness: S (Standard)


Leadpipe: Yellow brass


*Closed F wrap, with patented rotary system


*Inner yellow brass/ outer yellow brass slide


*Hard chromium plated nickel-silver inner hand slide


*Yellow brass outer hand slide


*Yellow brass hand slide U bow, rounded


*One-pieced rotary level adjustment system

CTB-3019-YSS-YYNY-Y1 Intermediate F Attachment Trombone

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